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Ideal Talent


“Alpha employees who push for growth and change and create customer-oriented value based on honesty and harmonization”


  • 01

    School expenses

    Support the monthly limit of KRW 400,000 for kindergarten and KRW 3 million per semester for university

  • 02

    Medical expenses

    Support actual expenses of up to KRW 3 million per year for medical expenses for employee and family members

  • 03

    In-house loan

    Support up to KRW 100 million in-house loan (Interest rate of 1%, Repayment period: within 5 years)

  • 04

    Welfare points

    Use welfare points worth KRW 1.8 million like cash

  • 05

    Meal support

    Pay KRW 7,000 per day for lunch in addition to the annual salary

  • 06

    Medical checkup

    Support for actual expenses for medical checkup at up to KRW 300,000 each for each employee and spouse

  • 07

    Congratulatory and
    condolatory support

    Support for unprecedented congratulatory and condolatory events (KRW 3 million for employee’s marriage, KRW one million for children's marriage, etc.)

  • 08

    Funeral service

    Funeral services/goods worth KRW 3 million in case of condolatory event of employee and family members

  • 09

    Flexible work system

    Various flexible work schedules — such as flexi-time work and autonomous commuting system — can be selected.

Recruitment Process

Talents who fulfill their roles and responsibilities as members of the company,
keeping promises with family, colleagues, company, and society

  • STEP 01

    Document screening
  • STEP 02

    Practical interview
  • STEP 03

    Recruitment checkup
  • STEP 04

    Final pass




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