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Alpha Holdings

System Semiconductor

Alpha Holdings takes the initiative in enhancing customer satisfaction in system semiconductor design service (Samsung Electronics’ foundry partner) and fabless business (Global No.1 in IR receivers) through continuous technology innovation.

Alpha Solutions

System Semiconductor

Alpha Solutions specializing in system semiconductor IP development supplies IP such as HDMI, LVDS and MIPI to Samsung Electronics, SONY, HiSilicon, etc. based on its differentiated competence in IP design.

Alpha Biolabs


Alpha Biolabs strives to contribute to making your life healthier by supporting innovative biomedicine development and discovering/distributing excellent health functional foods through investment and business development.

Alpha Enerworks

New and renewable energy

Alpha Enerworks opens up a new era of building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) systems in collaboration with BJ Power that has innovative CSW (Color Solar Wall) technologies in PV construction materials.

Alpha Materials

Thermal dissipative materials

Alpha Materials develops and produces differentiated thermal dissipative materials that prevent electronics from overheating. It supplies the best quality thermal dissipative materials to LG, BYD (electric car manufacturer), etc.