Thermal Compound

Thermal Compound

Thermal compound
AV-1, for everywhere heat exist

Thermal Compound

TIM(Thermal Interface Material), Thermal compound (Thermal Compound),
Thermal grease (Thermal Grease), Thermal paste(Thermal Paste)also known as

  • Oil-like properties and improved thermal conductivity of contacts
  • Used to increase heat dissipation efficiency of various machines and electronic parts
  • Mobile device (applied or applied to mobile phone heat dissipation system)
  • Computer (desktop) (applied between CPU and cooler)
  • Laptop (laptop) (applied or applied to heat dissipation system, battery, CPU / DISPLAY)
  • Electronic equipment (TV, monitor, inverter, etc.)
  • LED lighting (applied between main body and heat sink)
  • Shipbuilding (electrical products, etc.)
  • Electric vehicle (applied to battery)
  • The military industry (military communications [RFID], radar equipment, etc.)
  • Others (raw materials such as heat-radiating pads and heat-radiating film fillers)

Thermal Conductivity (W/mK) Test method
AV-100 2.53 ASTM D 5470
AV-200 3.23 ASTM D 5470
AV-300 3.81 ASTM D 5470
AV-400 4.94 ASTM D 5470
AV-1(AV-400) Mechanical performance
Thermal conductivity
Viscosity (poise)
Thermal resistance
온도 안정성
Temperature stability
산화 안정성
Low oxidation
적은 증발량
Very low evaporative
4.93 W/mK 370 (flexible) 0.67 K/W -50ºC ~ +250ºC Max 0.005 Mpa Max 0.01
Comparison of heat dissipation test results

Grease(compound) surface temperature analysis after spreading on CPU
Company A
Company B
( Average ℃ )
Product Test Region 1 Region 2 Region 3 Region 4 Region 5
AV-1 100.2 101.6 100.3 101.2 102.3
Company A 96.8 96.7 94.5 94.7 97.2
Company B 96.9 97.3 94.8 97.3 97.7
Gumi Electronics Information Technology Research Institute

* Excellent thermal conductivity compared to other products when temperature is set.

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