Alpha Holdings considers the core value of talent as
the most important factor.

We are also making efforts to develop human resources and nurture talent in our company management.
Accordingly, we have opened various programs to cultivate talent, develop employee competencies, and operate a personnel system that provides treatment and benefits in accordance with their competencies.

  • Specialized education
    • Provided with opportunities for new design capabilities from Samsung Electronics and Tool Vendor
    • Share key skills and creative ideas through regular seminars.
  • Global Talent Training
    • We offer in-house language courses with native speakers from the US and China.
    • Excellent staff are provided with the opportunity to study abroad..
  • Strengthening Employee Capability
    • Opportunity provided to observe various fairs, exhibitions and educational seminars both at home and abroad.
    • We will select excellent employees and give them the opportunity to earn advanced degrees.
  • Introduction of growth award system
    • Each year, we run a reward system based on the achievements of our team and individuals.
    • Special bonuses are paid to employees who have contributed greatly to the growth of the company.
      (Decide whether to pay at the end of the year depending on the business performance)