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  • OncoSec is currently investigating TAVO for treatment of metastatic melanoma and triple negative breast cancer.
Plasmid IL-12 International common name: tavokinogene telseplasmid “TAVO”

TAVO mechanism


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  • Building Protection
      It has good durability, insulation, and fire resistance. It is able to maintain the original design of the exterior of the building.
  • Design Effect
      It can be used as a design element that increases the value of a building, and it can be designed with a beautiful and luxurious design.
  • energy production
      It can easily be applied to various spaces such as exterior walls, curtain walls, and roof for energy production in the building itself.

Features of Solar Photovoltaic Exterior Materials

Features of Solar Photovoltaic Exterior Materials

  • · Application of color coating technology to replace expensive color glass
  • · Multi-layered glass solar photovoltaic module with increased insulation and aesthetic effect
  • ▶ produce various colors and power generation quantity according to customer's request

Core Technology of Solar Photovoltaic Exterior Materials

  • · Increase transmissivity and diffuse transmittance by forming plastic ball in coated Layer ▶ Increase a solar cell module’s output
  • · Demonstrate 15% more power generation than existing solar modules when installing 90° of exterior wall of building
  • · A 34% increase in power generation is verified by the TUV certification test in Germany
  • · Photovoltaic modules are not visible inside panels ▶ Securing aesthetic properties with building materials
  • · Securing price competitiveness in the same extent, which exceeds 200% compared to another company
  • Optimize mass production by simplifying processes
  • Ensure ease of construction by implementing durability

Maximize the efficiency of solar power & Produce all colors

Reference (case of application)


PIPELINE Adaptation Pre-clinical phase Clinical stage 1 Clinical stage 2 Clinical No.
TNBC NCT03567720
OMS-131 H&N Plan
OMS-150 Cervical Cancer Plan
Data :Oncosec

A Combination Approach

OncoSec believes TAVO may address this unmet medical need by increasing the proportion of patients who will respond to anti-PD-1 and other checkpoint therapies.

  • 병용투여를 통한 치료효과 증진
  • Tumor Type % of Checkpoint Non-responders
    Melanoma 60-80%
    Triple Negative Breast 90%1
    Renal cell Carcinoma 71%2
    Lung Carcinoma 79~83%2
    Head and Neck 66~86%3,4
    Bladder 85%5
    Gastric 80%6

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