CEO Message

We would like to thank you for visiting Alpha Holdings.

Generally, a company is defined as a group that creates wealth, or an organization that provides products and services that are required.
However, all of our employees believe that a truly excellent company grows and provides value to its customers on the basis of its own unique culture and corporate philosophy.
We must achieve our goals through organic cooperation based on the dignity and humanity of each member of our company.

The Semiconductor Division was established in 2002 to lead the development of design services and SoC products,
thereby solidifying its position as a leading company and its technological strength.
In order to make a great leap forward as a global company, we are entering the bio-pharmaceutical business as a new business in 2016 and are proceeding in earnest.
The biopharmaceutical business is actively engaged in business through the establishment of a joint venture with a company that specializes in R & D of innovative
new drugs overseas and domestic for the development and production of anti-cancer therapies with various mechanisms and renal failure treatment.

Alpha Holdings is constantly committed to making our customers and employees
appy and pursuing better quality of human life by investing
R & D on IT technology based on specialized semiconductor design and next-generation biotechnology.

We look forward to your continued support and encouragement.

Alpha Holdings Co., Ltd. CEO Kim Young Sun Hee-Do gu